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Stress ball

Stress balls also called anti stress ball,are designed to increase people’s hand strength &flexibility etc.
Squeeze it by you hand, it has a soft, squishy feeling.
Then release it,it will come back to the original shape soon.
It also can relax yourself, Every busy worker can use a stress ball when you’re stressed at work. Great items as promotional gifts for adult and children of age 3+.

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Stretchy toy

Anything stretchy is awesome fun to play with! You can twist,squeeze, stretch it,when you release your hand, it will come back to original shape;
It can be used to increase people’s hand strength &flexibility, Relax yourself;
Its funny appearance makes it a good decoration at home,office or stores;
Suitable for children age 6+;

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Splat ball

Splat Ball will “splat” when you throw it against a table or glass window ect.BUT, It’ll come right back into shape soon, SO COOL! As if that’s not cool enough, Splat Ball are awesome stress relief squeeze balls too. You’ll find yourself alternating between squeezing and splattering it . And, believe us, these are VERY visually interesting for you and anyone who sees .

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Squeeze toys key chain

These Keychain Toys and Key Rings,mobilephone straps are portable stress relief toys that are all fun to squeeze,  Attach your keys to a fun keychain and you’ll have a cool stress toy everywhere you go.
Squeeze it by your hand, the inside lovely goods come out, and will come back inside when you release it. Some have a soft, squishy feeling ,feel good good…
Release it,it will come back to the original shape.

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Bouncy ball

Toss it on the floor, it will bounce, some can bounce even 2 floor high.

We can also provide the Bouncing Ball with Glitter, Water or Figurine/Plastic Card/colorful beads/Sequin/LED Light, or other accessories as per customer’s demands.

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