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1. Customer A wants to develop a product as per their 2D artwork, but they have no idea about the packaging. So we suggest them PDQ, and give them the dimension information, even a blank frame for them to add artwork.
Besides, they have zero experience of importing from China. So we quote them base on CIF their local port, and recommend them the forwarder in their location to do the pickup. From start an order to get the goods, the whole process working smoothly.

2. Customer B, mainly selling at Amazon, has been working with us on stress balls for a few years. We developed a lot of new products every year, for example , from the basic single color stress ball, they would like to develop a luminous color changing ball. But they have no idea how those color matches, and how the glowing effects would be like. We helped them to test a few different color assortment for a couple of months, and finally we found out that the transparent ball with pure white EVA fillings would be the perfect choice. So they took our suggestions and won a huge success on their terminal sales market. 

3. Customer C, Disney agent, from HongKong, wants to do a ice-lolly made of TPR soft rubber with water inside. He requests that when lift up the stick and the ice-lolly mustn’t bend down. However, TPR material is soft, and with water inside, that makes it very difficult because of its softness and heavy weight. However, after we one by one time tests and think of any way to do. At last, we success by lengthening the stick and modifying the internal structure, thus make the stick stickup the top of the ice-lolly. So, just tell us your request, we’ll do the rest!

4. Customer D, Moose, from Australia, they have strong requirements of water ball product as below,

1) Life test: Squeeze at least 1000 times without breaking
The method we made was to select 10 kinds of raw materials with different proportions for sample making, and then to do a machine specially for pressure testing, and finally to select the best qualified material for production.The inside water should be able to pass the microorganism and bacteria test from the mass goods at any time.
2) To ensure the smooth passing, our QC department make spot check and test from the mass goods every day, and use professional tester test.
Through the efforts of everyone, the customer is satisfied and praised our professional operation.